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I'm Victor Gomes.
Front-end Engineer.

I'm a general creative, with a love for technology & art. Currently working as a Front-end Software Engineer at Coinbase. Previously worked at Blackrock. Based in Atlanta, United States.

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I am a Front-end Software Engineer with a passion for art and technology, currently working at Coinbase. I recently joined the team in July 2024, where I'll be focusing on enhancing the consumer product by adding new features, optimizations, and improvements.

Before Coinbase, I spent 4.5 years at BlackRock, where I truly discovered and honed my love for Front-end web development. My journey at BlackRock began in 2020, right after I completed my Computer Science degree from the University of Arizona. During my first two years there, I was part of a rotational program, working with four different teams. This experience allowed me to tackle diverse challenges, work with unique teamwork styles, and sharpen my Front-end skills. Later, as a Senior member of the UX engineering team, I played a key role in building and supporting an internal Design System used by over 100 engineering teams. I was particularly responsible for complex Data Grids, Data Visualization components, and creating new standard components for AI Chats and internal AI Chatbot integration. Additionally, I built a library enabling Python Developers to use BlackRock's Design System to create web front-ends without needing web development knowledge.

My love for art and technology began at a young age. Growing up in Brazil, I spent much of my childhood drawing anime and cartoon characters and playing video games like Diablo, League of Legends, and Minecraft. This passion continued to grow as I moved to the United States for college. During my time at the University of Arizona, I worked as a teacher's assistant, conducted Virtual Reality research, and interned with BlackRock in New York.

Beyond my professional work, I founded Lua Labs, where I explored web3, blockchain, and NFT technologies. I've been contracted by multiple teams to build web3 experiences and even launched our own NFT generative art project connected to the Ethereum blockchain. I also created Taskventure, a web app combining my interests in productivity, video games, and pixel art. This RPG productivity app makes to-do tracking fun and engaging.

Outside of work, I love developing my art skills, experimenting with different mediums like digital and generative art, acrylic paints, and pen sketches. I'm always eager to learn new technologies and start side projects that blend my passions for art and tech.